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Upstream companies operating in India got together on August 1, 2006 to network, exchange information on operating issues, find common solutions and if necessary approach the authorities to facilitate the changes which shall encourage exploration in India. Thus was formed Association of Oil & Gas Operators (AOGO).

The association is registered with the registrar of societies New Delhi. Its members represent 99% of upstream operations in India. The smallest to largest E&P player in the country- whether Government sector or Private, whether domestic or international is a member.

Only upstream companies holding participating interest in Petroleum, CBM or Shale blocks in India are eligible to become members.

The General Body of the society meets every month. Meetings are well attended. Members are represented at a senior decision making level. Meetings are held under Chatham House Rules.

Members volunteer to form working groups that develop industry position papers. These have often formed the basis of Government and regulatory guidelines and policies. Exchange of operating information amongst E&P operators is a worldwide practice. AOGO encourages it. AOGO has an active "scout check" program, where the participating members exchange operating information. AOGO is fully committed to comply with all applicable laws including competition and antitrust laws. Each member is obligated and required to exercise independent business judgment.

AOGO office is at Jasola, New Delhi; and Faridabad.
Other contact points include secretariat@aogo.in
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