Government Agencies

In general DGH provides a single window contact for all the activities in connection with carrying out work under PSC, or seeking clarifications or exemptions / amendments thereto. DGH is also the agency which monitors and regulates and technically vets the work done under PSC.

Information on DGH and their policies maybe accessed from their

MOPNG is the approving authority for the issues requiring Government Approval . They are also the owners of the acreage, licensing authority and deciding authority on accepting the bids. Exploration Division of MOPNG is headed by Joint Secretary Exploration. Information on MOPNG can be accessed on

In addition upstream operators may need to interact with the following Government Agencies at one time or the other

Agency Short Name Website Issues
Ministry Of Environment & Forests MOEF Environment Clearance
Forest Clearance
Ministry Of Defense MOD Security Clearance For Vessels In Indian Waters
Directorate General Of Hydrocarbons DGH All Technical And Psc Issues.
Ministry Of Petroleum And Natural Gas MOPNG For Approvals As Required Under Psc.
Oil Industry Safety Directorate OISD Oil Safety.
Ministry Of Finance MOF Only If There Are Issues On Tax,customs,excise
Chief Conservator Of Forests CCF Forest Clearance
Director General Shipping DGS Approval For Hiring Foreign Vessels
Director Of Explosives DOE Importing / Stocking Explosives
Coast Guard CG Security And Hazard Issues For Offshore Installations
State Pollution Control Board SPCB Pollution Control Clearance
District Commissioner DC *** Land Use Permission
Public Hearing For Env. Clearance
Law & Order Issues
Land Revenue Officer LRO *** Purchase / Use Of Land
Commissioner Of Customs & Excise CCE Imports / Exports
Commissioner Of Income Tax CIT Income Taxation
Registrar Of Companies ROC Registration Of Company
Statutory Returns
Reserve Bank Of India RBI Payments In Foreign Currency

*** Kindly look under the state or district concerned
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