Applicable Laws

Companies of Indian origin, as well as all companies operating in India are governed by all the laws of the country.

The specific laws dealing with issues in upstream are as follows

Name of the Act/RulesRef.No.Act Act Of
Web LinkApplies for
1The Territorial Waters, Continental Shelf, Exclusive Economic Zone And Other Maritime Zones Act 801976 
2The Income Tax Act431961http://law.incometaxind 
3The Income Tax Rules 1962http://law.incometaxind 
3A Direct Tax Code 110 2010   
4The Central Excise Act 194411944 
5The Central Excise Tariff Act 198551986 
6The Oil Industry( Development) Act 1974471974 
7The Customs Act 1962521962 
8The Custom Tariff Act 1975511975 
9The Oilfield ( Regulation & Development) Act , 1948531948 
10The Petroleum & Natural Gas Rules 1959 1959 
11The Petroleum Tax Guide, 1999 1999  

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