Competition Compliance Policy

1. AOGO is an association of companies engaged in upstream oil and gas operations in India. Its vision is to work on behalf of the Indian upstream operators to promote responsible, environmentally friendly and safe operations. AOGO’s mission includes representing the interests of the upstream industry before Indian regulatory and legislative bodies and improve the quality of the operations..

2. AOGO shall support, preserve and promote free, fair and open competition and in no way encourage or side with any Violation of Antitrust and competition laws..

3. Industry associations, by nature, call for companies to work together on various issues concerning the industry in general. It is the policy of AOGO that all its activities fully comply with applicable laws, including competition and antitrust laws. This policy applies to all its activities at all levels, including committees, project teams, and working groups, irrespective of location.

4. Each member of AOGO is obligated and required to exercise its independent business judgment in pricing its services, products, dealing with its customers and suppliers and choosing the markets in which it will compete.

5. All AOGO meetings shall have formal agenda and minutes. Minutes of all meetings shall accurately reflect the subjects discussed, decisions reached and actions proposed. Minutes shall be circulated to all members and a copy maintained in Secretariat.


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