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Upstream Company
Full Name of Company Joshi Technologies International Inc
Registered Office Address
Tel No 079-27540349
Fax No. 079-2754-0029
Website -URL
Main Office Address in India 402, Heritage, Behind Visnagar Co-op. Bank, Near Gujarat Vidvapith, Usmanpura, Off Ashram Road, Ahmedabad-380014
Tel No 079 -275 40049 or 079 275 40549
Fax No. 079-2754-0029
Website -URL
Officers with contact detail   Name   Contact Detail
-Project Director
P K Kulkarni
-Head- Drilling and Production
S. S. Sharma
Brief Summary of Indian Operations
AOGO Representative P K Kulkarni
AOGO Alternate S. S. Sharma
Scout Check Representative P K Kulkarni
Producing Fields
Blocks Under Development
Blocks Under Exploration Dholka , Wavel ,
- Company is planning to
- Company Requires
- Other Locations
- Any Other Comments

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