To work on behalf of Indian upstream operators to promote responsible, environmentally friendly and safe operations-


1. To represent the interests of the upstream industry to Indian regulatory and legislative bodies.
2. To achieve continuous improvement in safety health and environmental performance; and in engineering and operations of upstream ventures.
3. To optimize corporate and social responsibility budgets within the industry and amongst stakeholders to achieve enhanced results.
4. To assist the Government in pursuing policies that maximize recovery from oil & gas fields.
5. To drill more wells and maximize oil exploration activities.


1. To encourage regulators & Government to take into account the industry views in developing proposals that are effective and practical to implement.
2. To provide a forum for sharing experience and debate emerging issues.
3. To become a visible accessible and effective source of information about the global industry.
4. To develop and disseminate the best practices in safety, health and environmental performance and the engineering and operations of upstream ventures to enable members to emerge as a world class operators.
5. To ensure an appropriate & stable fiscal regime.

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